Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fishing Bobber Beanie Pattern

I had a customer request for a hat that resembled a Fishing Bobber. I thought that would be easy enough to design. I loved it so much I decided to write up the pattern. This is a great design for boys. I hope you love it! Enjoy!!

Fishing Bobber Hat

0-6 months 15-17 inch head size

Hook : H
*Worsted Weight in Red and White ( i use I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby)
*stitch marker  : i use a safety pin :)
*amount of stitches for each round in parenthesis 


*Always join required rounds to first stitch of the round not chain stitches
*Stitch count doesn't include chain stitch at the beginning of the rounds
* I crochet tight ;)


SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet 
DC DEC - Double Crochet Decrease
SL ST - Slip Stitch 
CH - Chain
ST - stitch

Starting with Red

Rd 1 - Ch 3, 10 HDC in 2nd CH from the hook, do not join (10)

Rd 2 - 2 HDC in each HDC, at end of round skip 1 st and join in the next with a sl st < that will keep the round even >, ch 2     (20)

Rd 3- HDC in each Front Loop  of the HDC around, join to first HDC, ch 2 (20)
Rd 4 - Repeat Rd 3
Rd 5 - Repeat Rd 3, don't ch 2 at end

Switch to white, and ch 1 

Rd 6- 2 SC in Back Loop of 1st HDC, 1 SC in Back Loop of next HDC, repeat to end, join to first SC, ch 2 (30) 

Rd 7 - 2 DC in next SC,  dc in next 2 SC, repeat around, Join to first DC,  ch 2, (40)

Rd 8 - 2 DC in next DC, DC in next 3 DC, repeat around, Join to first DC , ch 2, (50)

Rd 9 - {DC in next 24 DC, 2 DC in next DC} 2x's, join to 1st dc, ch 2 (52)

Rd 10 -15  - Dc in each DC, join to 1st DC, (52) 

Switch to Red, ch 2 

Rd 16 - DC in next 24 DC, DC DEC, DC to last 2 DC, DC decrease, join, ch 2 (50)
Rd 17 - DC in each dc, Join to 1st DC, ch 2 (50)

Rd 18, DC in next 12 DC, DC Dec, Dc in next 24 DC, DC DEC, DC in each DC to end of round, Join

Fasten off and weave in ends 


Please remember that there may be a slight variance in sizing due to different tensions of each individual and materials used.

All patterns are copyright protected but you are welcome to sell finished products made from my patterns. I do ask, however, that you mention my company name along with my etsy web shop address as follows:

Calleigh’s Clips & Crochet Creations by Elisabeth Spivey

I would love to see your finished products if you would like to send me pictures. These will be for my personal use only and will not be posted anywhere without prior written permission from you.


crotchetywife said...

I was looking for some new patterns at Crochet Pattern Central today. They are featuring your Fishing Bobber Hat this week.
This is a great hat for me to make for my great grand sons. I also found several of your appliques. I use appliques as fridgies as well. I'm going to try out the Fire Hydrant applique to see what happens as a fridgie.

Anonymous said...

saw this pattern and want to make it for my grandson who is 15 months old. can you give me pattern for that age ? this is also made in Alabama colors and Mommy and Grandpa are BIG Alabam fans . thaks, Jeannie

Elisabeth Spivey said...

HI Jeannie,

I don't have time to write it out but if you add an additional increase row and go up to about 60 stitches around I'm pretty sure that would make it large enough

so after row 9 on row (52)
row 10 add 8 increases (2 dc in a stitch evenly around) to get to 60 and then follow the pattern from there. On the last few rows you'll just need to make two dc dec. I hope that helps
You might need to measure his head to double check but it should be around 18-19 inches if 60 is to big take out an increase till it's the right size! good Luck!


Marsha Mason said...

I was looking at your hat patterns and just love the designs you have come up with. I was wondering about the bobber hat. I noticed you made it for an infant, if I want to make it for a man that is really big into fishing, could I make this and just use say an I or a J hook with the worsted weight yarn would that bring the size up for them?

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Marsha if you use J hook I would still increase the stitches.

On round 9 do : 2 dc, dc in next 4 sts around - that will give you 60 - You may need to check measurement I know that fits my head but i have 22 inch head

Men average 22-24 so on round 10 you may need to add a few extra stitches and then make the hat about 10 inches in length.

The easy way would be increase to K hook but again you'd have to check measurements and it will be a more open weave hat.

I hope that helps some.

Unknown said...

I found you & your patterns today from a freebie offering on fb. I truly love your designs.
I wish there were a way to save designers on Ravelry, but then a separate place to save awesome designers. You would be there!
Thank you for your designs & today's freebie!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Awe! Thanks for your kind words. I means so much :) Hope you enjoy the special freebie!

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