Saturday, March 12, 2011

The ABC's of ME

I've seen several of my blogging buddies writing the "ABC's of Me" I thought it would be fun to do! I think it's a simple way for you to get to know a little bit more about me!


A: Ayden - My first born son. He's 3. He can always make me smile

B: Baking - Love it! Hate cooking! 

C : Coffee and Crochet- Two things I can't live without!

D: Dogs- We have two puppies! Piper and Snowbell

E: Elisabeth -  It's my name! with a "s" not "z"

F: Family- Very important to me! My mom is one of my best friends and God's truly blessed me with my Hubby's side of the family too! 

G: Grace - God's Grace is amazing and undeserving. plus it's my middle name! 

H: Husband - Married almost 4 years March 26

I: Ice Cream - who doesn't like ice cream! 

J: Jesus Christ- He's my Saviour! I would be nothing without him!

K: KIDS - I have two already mentioned Ayden, I also have Calleigh who will be 2 in May! they sure grow up fast don't they! 

L: lizard- My nickname! I've had since I was little. My Grandpa used to call me Lizard breath and in College my roomies decided I needed to be called Lizard and it's stuck through the years. 

M: Mommy - Being a mommy is really hard sometimes but I don't think I'd rather do anything else! Love my babies! 

N: Needles - Ouch! i hate needles. The most terrifying part of my pregnancies were the stupid IV's!

O: Oklahoma - This is where I live. I've lived here since I was 13.  Grew up in Tulsa, Went to college in OKC and now live in Moore. It's a crazy place weather wise but I guess I like it. I'd like to live in Colorado some day! 

P: Piano - Been playing since I was 5. I went to Bible College and got my Degree in Music and now I teach piano Lessons at the College I graduated from. I really enjoy it and so glad I get to use my talents for the Lord at the College and my Local church. 

Q: Quiet time - I live for nap time everyday! because Quiet time is craft time!

R: Rantoul, IL - Where I was born. I was an Air force brat. I've also lived in Great Falls, Montana, Germany, Rapid City, South Dakota, Las Vegas, Nevada and now Oklahoma

S: Sonic Drive - In- I worked there for 7 years. {and I said I would never work fast food} It was a fun job most the time. I still love happy hour! - Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper Please! 

T: T.v. -  I watch to much. Need something to do while I crochet!

U: UGGS - I don't usually splurge on shoes but my hubby's bought me two pairs of Ugg boots and I love them in the winter

V: Violin - I tried to play when I was younger. I have small hands and had a crazy teacher. {really crazy} 

W: Weight Watchers - I've always struggled with weight. I did weight watcher after college and lost 40 pounds. I looked pretty good and loved wearing 4-6 clothes instead of 14-16. Then I caught me a husband and had two kids back to back and let just say I need to lose 80 pounds now...totally bummer! I have to tools now I just need the motivation and time! HELP! 

X: Extovert - I'm a quiet girl, pretty shy actually, I have to work really hard on being out going. Once I get to know you I open up pretty well. so don't be offended if I don't say Hi or cringe if you try to give me a hug. It's just not my personality. 

Y: Yarn - I have alot but I "Need" more! so many ideas to crochet so little time

Z: Zebra Print - I love it! I think because I love Black and White! 


Libby said...

Loved learning more about you. :-)

CrochetBlogger said...

C and Y are definitely what I'd put if I did the same type of list!

Iesadora said...

I haven't seen one of these yet, it was fun to read =D

Brandie said...

Cute Idea! I Love it! It is nice to learn a bit about you. I just found your blog today and I am enjoying it very much! Thank you for sharing!

Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

So cute! I'm glad you did the ABC's too! Fun right? Loved learning more about you too!

Unknown said...

Oh how I HATE needles too! And IV's. OMG - I couldn't even look at it when I was at the hospital with Eva. I begged them to take it out right after she was born. LOL Cute post!

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