Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Mommy Moment - Oh poo!

Okay so this may be TMI but looking back on my morning I find it quite funny and I'm sure I'm not the only Mommy that's had a morning like this. I hope to just make you laugh!

So I'm not feeling well and am attempting to get ready for church this morning. While in the shower I hear someone pounding on the front door  {7:00 in the morning}!  The puppies had escaped out the tiny crack in the wooden gate which I underestimated apparently because there isn't another way out. Just glad someone saw them and brought them home.

Meanwhile Calleigh my 22 mo old is up but playing nicely in her crib which is nice because I'm trying to finish getting ready. {i love to listen to her play with her stuffed animals} . My son {3 yrs} got up and I got distracted, got breakfast ready and let the pups out again just to discovered a smell. my sons brand new shoes we bought yesterday is where I discovered the smell. Apparently he'd stepped in poo yesterday and I hadn't noticed. {good thing they were just in the garage.} So I had to clean those up {because he just had to have them today}

I finally get around to getting Calleigh! I opened the door to what I thought was a very stinky diaper. Oh it was and it wasn't on her. She was completely naked and playing with her poo. it was on her face, hands and body. {remember I'm not feeling well} I thought I was going to be even more sick!
(did I mention I bought her a brand new bed set last yesterday and put it on before bed last night)
So laundry is going and the poo is cleaned up but I'd like to say please no more poo today!
I don't think I can handle it!

So do you have any mommy moments like these? Please feel free to share!


The South African Kiwis said...

You poor thing! And yes, I have mommy moments like that too...
My sympathy!

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