Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer CAL - Crochet Scalloped Top - Finishing

I've been so excited with how many of you have joined in the crochet along! I've seen some great work and can't wait to see your finished tops in the coming week!

This week we'll be putting our Fronts and Backs together. Joining the sides and shoulders.

There are many methods to join. I don't like sewing a long piece of yarn so I opted to sl st up the sides (right sides together, so the stitch doesn't show).

Make sure you line up good. It's probably important that you have the same amount of rows on the front and back. I loosened my gauge up some on the front and I ended up with one less row but it worked out fine just had to make a few adjustment while joining the sides. (you can't tell) :)

When joining the shoulders I found that the yardage it had me cut while still attached, wasn't enough.
 I ended up fastening off the 3 yards, re-attached and went from there.

I had a few questions on the joining of the shoulders. You will be working back and forth from the top of the shoulders so that they are open is places. Here is a picture of mine and I'll try to help guide you through it. I wish I took step by steps here but alas my top is finished!

This shows how you work back and forth from the scallops. Don't forget you'll continue the same pattern repeats between these. 

Close up of how to work back and forth from a scallop! 

When you are all finished with your top I want to see pics or better yet I made a video and got my mom  to do it too! Don't be camera shy! 

I did a video because well have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself. It's really hard! I even tried using my bathroom mirror refection but I wasn't happy. Here is one my attempts. 
(ewe! Should have cleaned the mirror first! LOL)

I wanted to give you a little review and a full 360 view of my top in action. To prove it actually fit and that I really like it! Plus you can get to know me a little bit more :) I hope I get to meet you too!

So without further ado here is my finished Crochet Scalloped Top!


Don't forget to show me yours! It if you behind no worries! Just pick up your hook and keep going! I think you'll be happy you did! 


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Very cute!

June's Pretty Things said...

Very cute! I was going to do the CAL with ya'll but I NEED to get this blanket done.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Can't wait to share mine!

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