Monday, July 1, 2013

Beginning of a Yarn Eater Throw

Happy July! If you know me I rarely make afghan unless I have too. I've actually made 5 this year, but none for me. So with us in our new home I've been trying to add some personal touches.  

My living room decor is Americana themed. Love the warm shades of Red, White and Blue. I'm planning on making some valances for the windows, pillows and an afghan. 

I fell in love with this yarn. It's Deborah Norville's Everyday Worsted in American Hero. Perfectly warm shades of the colors I was looking for and it's variegated. I don't usually like variegated but this with the project I have in mind it should work up great with out color changes!!! 

Long story short. I ordered 18 Skeins from Joanna's during a 40% off sale. Sadly they emailed me back and said it was out of stock and was being discontinued. I never believe the "it's being Discontinued" line. I've been told that at least 3 times and every time it was a lie!!!! I think mostly the store workers didn't really want to do there job and help me find it or just say it's backordered. Every time it's mysteriously reappeared on their shelves.

So I decided to go directly through Premier yarns. Guess what I found it! Not as on sale as I wanted but I got it :) I hope I got enough!! LOL

I'm going to make a Wool Eater Blanket. It's also referred to as 
Bavarian Crochet or Catherine's Wheel Stitch.

I found a free pattern from Red Heart

This is just the start and I have a feeling it will be fall/winter before I actually finish it, but I'm excited to tackled the project. It is quite the yarn eater and you better like triple crochet because there are a lot of them! It's an intermediate pattern but I don't think it's too bad! I think you could easily learn it! 

I've seen many of these and they are always gorgeous! I'll post more of my journey here and in my Raverly projects.

With all this talk of Red, White and Blue I'm going to wish you an early 
Happy and Safe 4th of July since it's only a few days away!


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