Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer CAL- Crochet Scalloped Top - Week 2

I hope you're excited for Week 2 of our Summer CAL. I know many of you have dived right in and might already have week 2 done but many have had questions so I hope that this blog post will help you complete this weeks section. 

If you are just joining us there is plenty of time to participate, because week one was just gathering supplies and getting to know the pattern. Click week 1 below for full details and tips we discovered to help you along the way! 

Week 1

Week 2 -  Back and Sleeves finished this week. 
Week 3 - Front and Sleeves (same as the back)
Week 4 - Finishing, joining and shaping shoulders. 

Here is my completed back. I've run into a small snag though. While my length is long enough my width is short by about 10 inches. I tend to crochet tight and have issues with Simply Soft so I'm sure it's just me. I'm going to make the front larger and that should give me the room I need so it's not tight. I'll be sure to let you know how I adjust when I get there. It shouldn't be to hard. 

I've had a lot of questions on the sleeves. So I thought I'd take pics and see if I can help explain it a little further than the pattern. 

If you look at the sleeves it says to join to the left end of last row. My hook is showing were you should be joining and ch 14. 

Close up of what the ch 14 should look like. 

The image below I have my back scrunched up but you'll see the ch 14 & ch 18 on the opposite end. 

note that even though it's ch 18, 4 ch's count as a dc & ch1. I'll explain that further below. 

When you move onto the the "next" row you'll need to look back to the setup row (when you worked in ch's) and a combination of row 1 of back. You'll need to keep the same pattern you had doing the back. It should match up all the same. If you need further help just ask in one of our group and we'll help you out! 

 This image shows what the "next" row on the sleeves should look like. 

I started a group via Raverly for those that don't do Facebook! We'd love to have you join so you can share your CAL progress, pictures, ask questions and just chat crochet. Anyone is welcome! 

Have fun!! 


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