Friday, December 9, 2011

Textured Fingerless Gloves : Free Crochet Pattern

Hello - I totally forgot I made this pattern last year and I never released it! So I have a free gift for you to enjoy! With the draft of winter in the air these gloves are perfect. Especially if you have a touch screen phone or iPod. Keeps your hands warm and your fingers free. There also just great around the house too keep the chill off your hats. 

Textured Fingerless Gloves
(free Crochet Pattern)

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*Worsted Weight yarn ( I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby)

*H Hook -You can use larger hook if you have bigger hands. 
*Stitch Markers
*Measures 7 inches around x 6
1⁄2 length or longer

*Stitches and Terms used:
(sl st) slip stitch
(sc) single crochet

(hdc) half double crochet (dc) double crochet
(sk) skip

*note- I have small hands and crochet tight so you may want to crochet looser or go up to an I hook. 

Make 2

Gloves are worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise noted. Do not join rounds.

Start with HDC Chainless foundation row of 21 stitches 

(or if you aren't familiar with chain-less foundation  you could ch 22 loosely, join and hdc around then go on to round 1 (skip the first part since you've already joined....)

Rd 1 - Make a loop but join with a sc (this is your 1st sc of the round)
(Sc dc), in first st, *sk st, (sc, dc) in next dc* repeat *to* to end of round (do not join)

Rd 2 - *sk st, (sc, dc) in next dc, repeat from * to end of round
Rd 3-6- Repeat Rd 2

*Now working in rows

Row 7- *sk st, (sc, dc) in next dc,  repeat from *4 times, sc in next st, turn, ch1 
Row 8- *sk st (sc, dc) in next dc, repeat from *10 times, sc in next st, turn, ch1 
Row 9-10- Repeat Row 8
Row11- *sk st (sc, dc) in next dc, repeat from *10 times, sc in next st, ch 2, (thumb space made, 

*Working back in rounds

Rd 12- join with sl st to sc on other side of the thumb space, (sc, dc) in next dc, *sk st, (sc, dc) in next dc, Repeat from *9 times, sk next sc, sk 1st ch, (sc, dc) in next ch 
Rd 13- *sk st (sc, dc) in next dc, repeat from * to end of round
Rd 14-17- repeat round 13

You can continue on as many rows as you’d like at this point depending on how long you’d like them or finish round by:
Sk sc and sl st in next dc, ch 2
Last round – Hdc in same st and each st around, Join and weave in ends. 

Copyright ©2011 Calleigh’s Clips & Crochet Creations All rights reserved. These instructions may not be photocopied or reproduced in any manner. They may not be sold. I have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete. I cannot, however, be responsible for human error, or variations in individual work.
Actual finished product may be sold. My Etsy shop name ID and URL web page address must be mentioned in listing or wherever item is displayed: Calleigh’s Clips & Crochet Creations by Elisabeth Spivey


Sarah said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

Robin Nest said...

Thank you for the pattern. I've been making fingerless mittens as gifts this year and was in need of a different pattern. Yours is it.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Your very welcome Ladies! Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the pattern! I have a friend that occasionally has hand and wrist pain while crocheting and I thought these would be perfect to wear to keep warm and still be able to work on her projects. Wearing these while crocheting - how appropriate is THAT? And the bobber beanie is just too adorable for words!

SewMagical said...

At last! A fingerless glove pattern that fits, looks good, and is easy to make! Thank you so much!

Confused said...

I've managed to learn how to do the HDC Chainless Foundation. I have a question, though. The pattern says to "make a loop, but join with sc". Since the HDC has height to it, doesn't joining it in a loop leave a gap at the lower edge of the row? Or am I mis-understanding something? Help, please!

HennaLadyKim said...

I made these yesterday and LOVE THEM! Do you have a hat pattern to match by chance?? Thanx so much for this awesome pattern. It is just what I have been searching for :)

Unknown said...

Super soft and lightweight while being thick enough to keep you warm. touch screen gloves manufacturer

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