Monday, December 19, 2011

Malachi's Christmas Wish - Final update!

For those of you that have been following Malachi's Christmas Wish I wanted give you another update!

I first wanted to say another big thank you for those of you that donated through purchasing patterns and those that just gave freely to help a family make their little boy's Christmas Wish come true!

They just started fundraising this week and I'm just so excited that not only all the money came in but more that enough came in. I know we were only a small part but I'm excited that we got involved. Knowing the family personally makes it even that more special to me.

She shared with me today as I was giving her the check that her son's Therapist was taking about Malachi bike with a neighbor friend and that neighbor was burdened to share it in their sunday school class at a local church. They raised a large sum of money there but then word spread through that church and they raised a more than enough money to cover the remaining balance. They told the family to use the money however they like.

As I shared they have six children and another lovely little one on the way so she told me that the extra funds would be used to have a special Christmas for the other children. I think she mentioned taking the family to see an OKC Thunder Basketball game!

I just thought I'd share a personal special Bible verse that is important to me. Just a reminder that the Lord can meet your needs no matter how great or small.

Merry Christmas and Thank you! 


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