Monday, July 18, 2016

Bitty Baby Crochet Fun!

My Daughter got an American Girl Bitty Baby doll for her birthday a few years back. She didn't play with it much at that age but now she had rediscovered her and it's her new favorite thing to play with. 

She asked if I could make her a few things for "baby Calla" as she calls her. Of course I said yes! She specifically asked for two things and here is what I made! 

First she asked if I could make her a baby carrier! She's like to take baby everywhere right now. So I thought that was a great idea! I haven't really been in the mood to design lately so I thought I'd search out for a pattern that I could just follow or adapt. I didn't find to many that I thought would work for this specific doll. I finally came across one that I thought would work. It's a freebie too! 

I didn't follow it exactly, but it still came out great! I decided I didn't want the edges to close so I left them open and added a fun little scalloped edging around the leg area. I used Red Heart Sparkle in her favorite color of course (purple) and she picked out some fun leopard buttons from my stash. As you can see she loves it. She really takes baby everywhere now. 

Second she asked for a Mermaid Tail! We had actually picked out some yarn for this last summer. Just never made time to do it. I didn't write a pattern for this but it's based off a stitch from my
  Textured Pants/Shorts pattern!  I just worked in a simple sc waistband and then working in the round a tube then decreased it down and added a simple fin. 

I just love the colors in this self stripping yarn. This is Hobby Lobby's Worsted Weight, I Love This Yarn in the Colorway Kaleidoscope. Didn't it turn out cute. Baby is modeling on top of our super huge adult sizes mermaid tail

I'm sure baby will get more items soon! I'm kinda missing knitting for dolls and might see what I can find from the next project. Do you make items for dolls? I sure enjoy quick projects! Don't you! 

Be sure to check out our doll patterns. These are freebies too! 


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