Thursday, April 14, 2011

In the Jungle- Cuddle Critter Capes

So I've been a blogging slacker this week. Have a few changes at the school that have and will keep me twice as busy for the next three weeks. So that means less crochet time and more piano time. Still my two favorite things so I can't complain! Besides once school is out in a few weeks I'll have lots of crochet time so just a little shift in the norm.

anywho! I did get a chance to work on my next set of Cuddle Critter Capes  - My last theme was forest creatures and bugs you can read about them here! For my next set of animals we journeyed to the jungle. I took a fun vote on my facebook page for what you'd like to see next. Monkeys came out way ahead with giraffe's and zebras to follow. I'd also like to do an elephant, tiger and lion too but not much interest was shown for those just yet.

So here is what I made up:


i think I'll call it Chunky Monkey! This one is made with super soft Bulky yarn in a lovely variegated shade of brown. He features little monkey ears and a long tail. He's so soft! The little baby will feel so snuggly in this one! 


I love the new and improved giraffe hat. I've made a few before but it was brighter yellow. This hat is made with Goldenrod yellow and Coffee Brown for richer color and I added a few spots for fun. The horn have a little stuffing in them to give them shape. 

The Cape hat fun spots and a cute little tail! I love giraffes! When my son was born that was a theme we used often for him. He has tons of stuffed animals that are giraffes and some of my favorite pics of him are in giraffe themed clothing and colors. 

The hat can be purchased separately too in any size you want ! it's a fun one to make and just absolutely adorable!


Obviously I'm not done with the zebra! I tried to get a pattern for it with waves in the hat instead of just straight lines. I only found one pattern and the seller wanted you to purchase a cottage license to sell which I disagree with. So I'm working on my own pattern. ( You can read some about this over on Crazy Socks Crochet's Blog)  I just need to finish up the ears and then add the main. it will be first attempt at a mohawk and I'm kinda excited only it's time consuming but the end result will be awesome. I may even write up a pattern for this but it will be awhile. It's a little more complicated than others I've written.

What do you think of the new ones? I'm excited to work on the next set I have in mind! I'll probably have another vote on my facebook so come join the fun!

We're just waiting on a few bundles of joy to arrive and we should have some professional pics with real babies modeling some of these for you in the coming week. I'm very excited to see!


Posh Pooch Designs said...

Love them, The monkey tail is so cute,I can see the waves in the Zebra, too. You are so talented!!!!! So cute they make me want to giggle!

Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

These are the cutest things EVER! I sure could have used one today during a newborn shoot today!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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AmysBodyDecor said...

Stopping by from AF boot camp thread. LOVE your designs, Super Cute!! :)

Linda Landig said...

Hello from ArtFire Boot Camp. These are so cute! I have a grandson that these would be perfect for. They just make me smile!

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