Sunday, May 23, 2010

Square Pom Pom Hat

I've been looking at a lot of baby photography crochet props lately and I came across this amusing yet super cute square shaped hat with pom pons. This was my first attempt with out a pattern on hand and it's cute but I need to work on the pom pons and work in some fun colors. This works great for both boys and girls.

This particular hat is a newborn size hat and makes a fun hat for my son to play with on Curious George! I think it's fits his spunky personality . *smiles* . I can be made in any size! If you'd like one just let me know. I love to customize.

Since I've not done alot for boys I'd like to implement more Items for them. Keep your eyes out for more items in the coming weeks. I'll be working on a newsboys hat this afternoon.

Two questions:

1. What types of crochet items would you love to see for boys?

2. What kind of color combos would you love to see for boys?

I'll be working on a baby yellow and green just because we love John Deere around my house and I have lots of it :)


Bri Mason said...

Love this! Does it have a free pattern available?

lifeonpaper at comcast dot net

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Awe thanks - this is actually one of the first hats I made but never wrote out a pattern. I have a pattern that I love but it's not free but her patterns are the best! I have like 20+ of them.

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