Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calleigh's 1st Birthday

Ah 1st birthday's! Such a bittersweet time. Can't believe it's already been a year. So many thing have changed this past year for me. It's just amazing to see how God's blessed our family. For those of you that don't know the story behind Calleigh's Clips I thought I'd share today.

 In Dec 08 I was laid off from the perfect stay at home job as an Admin Assist. for a small telecommunications Company, do to the economy. It was definitely not a type of job I was just going to find again just because there's not a lot out there like it plus it was a special situation. It allowed me to work and still watch my sweet Ayden boy who is now 2. When I lost that job I was 6 mo prego and had no idea what we'd do. Who was going to hire a pregnant women and how were we going to afford day care? We really just had no idea? We prayed about it and I decided it was time to to find some piano students. It's what I went to school for and it's what I've always wanted.

Since I still live near the College I attended I decided to see if they needed an extra teacher. At that time they didn't but they said they'd keep me in mind. I was on unemployment for way to long searching for Work at home position and unless I wanted to be a telemarketer there wasn't much else. I don't care to talk on the phone especially with two little ones around so I just couldn't do that.

August rolled around and the i wanted to teach at college would start soon but I hadn't heard that they needed anyone. To my surprise the week before the college started I got a call and they had a teacher quit so I got 17 students. I was super excited to see this opportunity! I also had 2 students at home. This year of teaching has been so fun and a great opportunity! I'm very much looking forward to the fall but enjoying summer break. I have alot more time to devote to Calleigh's Clips this summer so I'm hope you can enjoy the journey with me!

oh yeah - Calleigh's Clips!  Obviously I have a little girl and I love all things girly. My mom has always been crafty and she passed that on to me. So I just started making her various items bows, crochet hats and more. I got lots of compliments on them I was encouraged to sell them. We needed extra money and I also always have left over supplies. So I just started making thinks for friends and family as gifts. I decided to venture out in the the facebook fan world In January and I've made at least one sale every week. It's been super encouraging! I love all your sweet comments and love my faithful fans and customers. As you see I'm always coming up with something new. I can't believe we're almost at 500 fans. That is amazing to me.

Okay if I haven't lost you yet....I'm terribly with writing :)

To celebrate today I've discounted all my crochet hats 25% ! So order them while you can. I've got a new section of crochet products soon - Photo Props : Diaper covers with coordinating hats (new styles) cocoons, hammocks and sleep sacks. If you are a photographer or know any please send them my way. I'm very excited about these new items!


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