Sunday, May 30, 2010

Public Safety Survival Bracelets

I'd like to highlight my Husbands Shelby's new business:  Public Saftey Survival Bracelets

My husband loves to help people and his lines of work over the years proves it. He's been an EMT for the OKC Metro's Ambulance Service and is now a 911 dispatcher for the Warr Acres PD and Fire station  He soon will start training to be a reserve Police Officer. He wanted a way to show support to his fellow officers and friends in other public  and military positions.

He saw these bracelets online and decided to make a few for himself and several friends. Well they caught on pretty quick.  They are made from paracord. He says " you never know when having that para cord on you could be handy" :) I think to myself " must be a guy thing!"

 I think the bracelets are great and he is now making key fobs and lanyards. These can be made in a variety of colors and don't have to be specifically to show support for anything. We can customize for your favorite schools colors, sports colors and more! I want him to make me a black, white and hot pink!

I especially like this new one - Red,White and Blue - USA! Please check these out!


Blue Bohemian said...

I have a survival bracelet that I my husband got for me when we was at the "cop shop" for supplies.
I positively love mine and the meaning behind it.

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