Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Gift's Crocheters and Yarn Artists Would Love

I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. Turning 30 is weird to me. I don't feel different but something about that number is troubling me! Oh well got to grow up sometime! LOL! 

I got some fun gifts. A few I bought for myself that I'd been eyeballing for a while! 

Check out this awesome bag my mom got me! It's from ThrityOne and I'm in love with it. I want to get a matching tote bag for all my crochet supplies. This is now my postage bag. They know me in the post office pretty well now and one of the regular mail ladies said it was a nice upgrade from the cardboard box I was using. LOL ! Something tells me it may get filled up with yarn though. 

I finally bought some really cute stitch markers. I know I don't need them. I usually use a safety pin or a contrasting color of yarn but these are just to adorable. I purchased these from Day by Day Crochet. I asked her to make me five that matched my logo colors and she did them perfectly! Aren't they lovely! They are very light weight and don't pull on stitches. I have them hooked on my crochet coffee cup pin cushion so I don't lose them. haha! 

This last gift I purchased myself is just for fun. It's a heart shaped yarn ball stamp with a crochet hook in it. I bought it from a cute shop called Hoffee and a Nuffin. She hand carves these herself. I thought it was great quality and turn around time was fast. You can find these and some other fun stamps in her etsy shop.

I picked up a rainbow colored ink pad and used my 2 inch circle punch with card stock and made these little thank you circles! I may just use it to add a special touch to my packages, but we'll see how crazy busy this fall/winter season gets! 

So if you know any crocheters or other yarn artists. These would make really great gifts if you don't know what to get them besides well yarn....but you can't have to much of that right? 

Do you have other ideas of gifts? Share in the comments below! 


Lauren said...

Happy Late birthday! Today is my birthday! I love the Thirty-One bags! I use them for all my yarn. I have 3 the size you have in the picture full of yarn, a tote full of yarn (the tote I can fit about 16 different skeins in it) much easier and keeps the couch and tables clean of yarn. =) I use the Large Utility Tote for my mailing...

Martha S. said...

Happy Birthday! I love the ThirtyOne totes. The one you got for your birthday now has a cover for it. Makes it nice when you travel.

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