Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sept Scarecrow Design Contest Winners

The Sept Design Contest had some fabulous entries. Our theme for the Month was using the scarecrow pattern. The only Rules were to purchase the pattern and put your own creative spin on it and take a picture. Will all the great entries is was hard to pick winners. So I just made some random categories and then pick several at random to give anyone a chance to win some new patterns!!

Made by Me, Photographed by Gina Rae Miller Photography

You can see all the entries in this facebook album!  

Here are the winners. 

Most creative spin on the pattern: (both my kids picked this as their favorite) 

Great use of combining two Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations patterns : 

Calleigh's nickname is pumpkin so since you used the most pumpkins ;) 

Great use of patches, flowers and hay! 

Random winners 3- 
3. Slightly Knotty

Winners please fb message me, or use the contact tab to email me!  You have 48 hrs to claim your 1 free crochet pattern of choice. 

Thanks so much to everyone that entered and if you don't have the pattern yet you should totally get it because it's been a new fan favorite this season! You can purchase it in any of my pattern shops but instant downloads are always best don't you think - Here is the link to the pattern in my Ravelry shop!

Well if you enjoyed this contest Octobers contest is going to be great too especially if you love pink! More to come on that later this week! 


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Congrats to the winners! :)

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