Sunday, February 6, 2011

Addicted to Angry Birds

Okay so I'm not one that is usually into gaming. I got sucked into the facebook social gaming world for a little while but gave it all up once I found my true enjoyment in crochet which is more constructive to me anyway :).

I have a droid phone from Verizon and like to explore the apps once in a while but not like my hubby does. He'll download fun apps for me from time to time that he's found. One was the Angry Birds game. It's free on my phone for the full version but I think you only get a trial on an Iphone and the full version is 1.99 or something around there.

It's a silly game where you slingshot cartoon birds at funny looking green pigs. It sounds weird but I'm totally addicted! it's fun and funny. My three year old loves to play it too.

If you have access to it you should try it (at your own risk) Angry Birds

Recently I found a few fun crochet and sewing patterns for the characters of angry birds and thought I'd share with you .

Crochet Angry Birds Cardinal
Plush Angry Bird Cardinal
Plush Pig and Blue Bird
More Angry Birds Plushies

Patterns for Angry birds in Ravelry - some are free some are not.



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