Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A walk down Memory Lane

As I make hats often I was thinking I never really wear them. I love to create and make them though. Guess I just need to make one special for me. It hard to find time to do that though.

I thought I'd share a memory of a time I didn't wear a hat and should have. When I has in Middle School we lived in Rapid City, SD. The winters definitely get cold but back then they didn't have a bus system so we would walk to school. I seriously had to walk up hill both ways in the cold snowy winters. One day for some reason in the blowing snow I didn't want to wear a hat so I didn't. (bad idea) I got to school and one of my ears was just on fire from the wind burn. I remember sitting in History class thinking I was going to be in big trouble. After class I went down to the office and called my dad and he came and got me from school. I don't remember really getting in trouble or even going to the doctor. I just remember dad taking the day off work and we went bowling and got chili cheese fries. So really it turned out to be a good day. My ear was fine just a little frost bite. So moral of this story keep those hats on! :)

Do you like hats? What Kind?


Posh Pooch Designs said...

Hee Hee, I remember too. You didn't want to mess up your style.:O) Your poor ear was pink and swollen, but it healed just fine.

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