Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget - It Has Always Been A Soldier

It's day's like this you can play back over and over in your mind and remember every detail. I know exactly where I was and how that day changed America. I just thought I'd share my personal story from that day. 

I was in my 2nd year at Heartland Baptist Bible College pursuing my Music Degree. I was on my way to my Conducting Class with  Bro. Floyd. A friend of mine Danny (who is a jokester) said " I just heard that a plane crashed in a a building" I thought to myself that's not very funny.  It wasn't until I walked into the admin building and noticed a TV in the room. (Mind you here there aren't generally televisions on campus). As I watched the scene unfold it only got worse as we all know. I went on to our small class and we just cried and prayed for our Country for that hour. Things like this just bring you closer together. 

In all my shock I'd forgotten by my parents were on a plan that day. They were taking a trip up to Washington from Tulsa. I freaked out when I couldn't reach them and thought of all days to fly this would happen . All I know is that they didn't fly back. They drove back and that's a long drive. I'm just thankful for God's protection. 

I'm not good with words but I love this song. It brings me to tears every time our church choir sings it! 
This isn't us singing it but a great version. I thought it appropriate with the post to Honor our Servicemen and Women here and abroad. Please take a minute and listen. I think it will be a blessing! 


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