Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lives Remembered

*This is more of a personal post but I hope it can be a blessing to you! 

As school has begun for lots of teachers and students I'm reminded of the teachers in the past I've had that have made an impact on my life. Two come to mind aside from my Mother that home schooled me for many years and from my junior high and high school days.  They are Floyd Schexnayder and Michael "Coach" Thomas. I don't have time to tell their life stories but they are both amazing men with some pretty awesome life stories and testimonies. I guess sometimes you just take for granted people go on forever but one day in an instant they are gone. Bro. Floyd passed in Jan 2008 and Coach passed away yesterday.

These men truly impacted not only my life but lives of countless others. Not only were they great teachers but you could always confide in them and know they would tell it like it is but with lots of love as if you were there own daughters and son.

I have the privilege to teach piano at the College they were teachers at and I think of them both often and what a privilege it was to know them. I am a Christian and one day I know I will see them in Heaven. It gives me hope and peace. If you don't know the Lord Jesus and have questions I'd be happy to help. I know I couldn't live life without him.

Even if you don't know the family of "Coach" Thomas - Please pray for his sweet wife Sue Thomas. She has some disabilities and life definitely won't be the same with out her husband right at her side.

If you'd like to read more about these wonderful men there are facebook groups dedicated to them. It will only encourage you with all the sweet comments people are leaving!

Praying for "Coach" Thomas and In Memory of Floyd Schexnayder

Who was your favorite teacher(s) and why?


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