Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ah memories

Want a late night laugh:

The Inner Hooker is having a back to school photo contest. My kiddos aren't in school yet so I thought why not submit an old photo of me. My mom uploaded this embarrassing photo to facebook once so why not share it again to make you smile. It's from the late 80s I would guess I was 7 or 8.

Got to love the suspenders and my tightly permed short hair cut. Oh and if only you could see that shirt up close (lots of colors bright colors) Good Memories!

Come join the fun and vote for me here please!

You'll need to become a fan of The Inner Hooker - she has fantastic crochet patterns. I think I'm close to having most of them. So I would say I love them : ) Please don't just "like" the picture (they don't count) type "vote" in the comments sections. Thanks so much!


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