Monday, September 15, 2014

15,000 Facebook Fan Celebration!

WOW! I can't hardly believe it! In just a few short months Calleigh's Clips will have been in business for five years! We just rolled 15K Facebook fans and I think that is just amazing. 

 It's already time for busy season so I know that you would love to get a deal on a whole bunch of patterns to help keep you busy! I'm about to tell you about a steal of a deal. I've never done this and honestly it's a little hard for me to but I think we can both benefit from this! 

(coupon code and link at bottom of post!) 

I'm going to be open on honest with you! Business isn't as busy for me as it was a few years ago. Some of that is partially due to me taking a step back the last 8 months but I knew that is what I was supposed to do for my family and for me! It was the best decision, but that took a bit of a hit for our finances. God has provided in so many ways and I'm thankful. Unfortunately we can't seem to hit a break about not needing to visit the emergency room or hospital visits over the summer.
 I can count on both hands!!! I'm out of fingers :(  

 My little man fell at the playground this summer and broke his elbow and had to have surgery and those bills are coming in. WOW! Yikes! 

My sweet hubby sliced open two different fingers two different times while helping my bro with his Jeeps. 

I had to have a planned proceeder done that unfortunately my insurance doesn't completly cover.  

My sweet Calleigh well she's going to need her eyes checked. 
She ran very hard into a wall the other day! She is fine but that bump and black eye wasn't pretty. 

A little too much excitement in the last few months. 

 We are doing great and everyone is okay, 
but we really need to make some extra money to pay for these unexpected doctor bills, 
boy did they add up fast! Lets just say $6,000 to $8,000 after insurance. 

So all my patterns are on sale for 3 days for $1.50 or less! 75% off. 
That's like 10 patterns for $15.00 or less! 

I like to dream big and say if 1/2 of my fans bought one pattern this would be covered and God can work miracles but Facebook won't share with everyone and well if I did sell that many I would be surprised because that would be one awesome sale. Is it possible? Well only you make it possible! 

So I'm hoping  that with the great deal maybe you will share it with all your crochet friends too and help out a fellow crochet mom just like you! 

So visit on over to: 
use the code 15KCCCC at check out! 

Go wild! Buy a bunch and if you can't spend a $1-2 then be sure to watch for some freebies coming or just be so kind as to share the sale! 

Thank you in advance! 


Jessica said...

I think I got half your patterns! New fan and they're all so cute! Thank you for the great deal. :)

Unknown said...

wow i really wish sale was at the biggining of month, I would have all of them cause they are all so adorable and awesome,,, maybe next though

Unknown said...

I meant to say maybe next

moonbeam said...

OK, I think I now officially own all but 3 or 4. LOVE them and thank you. Lots of new babies in the family and I'll be busy. :)

MariaG said...

Yay ... I just bought the Hammock and the L'Angel prop set ... Thank you!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wendy said...

I think I have almost all of your "cape" patterns now! I can't help it... they are so cute! :) Thanks so much!

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