Monday, December 9, 2013

Pony and Hero Hat Creations

It's a busy time of year for crocheters. Lots of presents to make for our friends and loved ones on top of regular orders. I've managed to find a few spare minutes to whip up gifts for my nephews and a special hat for my Calleigh. I rarely make things for my kids so that's especially been fun! 

My Calleigh looooves My Little Pony! She requested a pony hat but, she couldn't decide which one, so I just decided for her. I went with the most colorful one, Rainbow Dash! I decided I was just going to wing it. There is no pattern for this hat. I do not plan on writing one either. I will walk you through how I made it though. 

I amazingly had every color I needed in my stash. I use Vanna's Choice for the whole hat! I just love the colors from Vanna's as they all go together perfectly! 

I started with a sc base because I knew there would be a lot of details. Sewing on the sc base is easier and holds shape better. The eyes are super detailed. I was afraid I wouldn't have two eyes the same. They aren't but they work LOL! 
They are a mix of crochet and embroidery to get in every sparkle in her eyes! 

Here she is before hair! I made her snout several times before I liked it. 
I wasn't going to put one but she didn't seem finished without one. 

On to the last step! That Pesky Main.  Now I know Rainbow Dash doesn't have curly hair but I thought this would be the easiest method and not be super heavy. I'll even give you a simple pattern to follow for these spirals! 

I used Vanna's Choice and H-Hook (5.00mm) 

I made two of each color 
Red, Yellow & Orange = ch 20 
Green, Blue = ch 30
Purple = ch 40
*make sure to leave about 4" tail  at the begining to sew on to hat. 

To work the spirals, In the 2nd ch from the hook repeat this pattern along the length of the chain. 
(hdc3 in next ch, hdc2 in next ch) 
At the end of the row fasten off and use the tail ends to tie them on to the hat as desired. 
I did use the ends to tie in a knot two times, then weaved the end back up through the spirals. You don't have to knot as I know it's a crochet no, no but I wanted these very secure! 

These didn't take to long and you can always add more but I thought this was just enough coverage with out to much extra weight. Calleigh loves flipping her pony hair around :) 


I made these other two hats a few weeks ago actually! These will be gifts for my nephews! My son kindly agreed to smile If I make him a Batman one next :) Of course I will! These are graph beanies. I've used the pattern many times. You can find hat base pattern from Playin' Hooky Designs here. She sells several graphs that I know you'll like. I used her Spiderman Graph.  

(She even has My Little Pony graphs for the main six Cutie marks!) 

For Superman I found this graph pinned here. It worked out okay but I think I may just appliqué it next time. Just needs to be worked out a bit. Not all graphs work out great and need some tweaking. That is one thing I love about Playin Hooky's graphs is that she takes time to work through them and make sure they look great! 

If you've never worked with graphs this a a fabulous pattern that will work you through it and she is also very helpful if you need assistance! 

Well I have more gifts, patterns and projects in the works! Excited about this Holiday Season and New Year to come! 


Rachel said...

I love your MLP hat!! great job! Thanks for sharing!!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thank you Rachel!

Unknown said...

how did you make the ears, im havng trouble getting them to look right?

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