Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guest Post : What's Gauge Got to Do With It? by Sara Duggan

Today's post is a guest post by Sara Duggan as part of her Hooking for Cash Blog Tour. 

We have been discussing gauge a lot lately so this is perfect timing and I hope you will find it very informative.  

How many times have you neglected to crochet a sample swatch? I know I used to ignore that part of patterns thinking it really doesn't matter. It's no wonder I found some hats super gigantic and others small enough to fit a newborn. What went wrong? G.A.U.G.E.

Yes, the ever important gauge. For those new to crocheting this is critical in getting the proper size in garments, scarves, blankets, hats, etc. It doesn't matter so much for scrubbies, amigurumi, or little odd ball projects but let's say you want to make yourself a nice vest?

You can't just pick up the yarn you like and your favorite crochet hook - sorry, even though it is made of apple wood and hand turned by your great grandfather, if it doesn't meet the gauge you have to set it aside for another project.

What's so Important About Gauge Anyway?†

  • It is the number one key to getting the proper size
  • How do You Determine Gauge?†

    • Most commercially published patterns will have this included. You will see something like - In sc, 25 sts = 4"

    • First you need to know the yarn and hook size the designer used. This is usually stated in the pattern. The brand and type of fiber is NOT what is important but the weight of the yarn is. This includes lace weight all the way up to bulky. As long as you match the weight of the yarn you can get a gauge that matches.

    • Second you need to crochet a sample swatch in the yarn you have chosen in the recommended hook. Now measure this? Does your swatch measure 4" across (25 sc sts)? If not, you need to rip that out and start over again.

    • Too Big? use a smaller hook

    • Too Small? use a bigger hook

    • Keep at it until your sample swatch is 25 sc sts and measures 4" (YAY!)

    • Resources to Help You Along Your Gauge-tastic Journey

      Lion Brand - Learn about Gauge

      How to Crochet a Gauge Swatch from Crocheting for Dummies

      What's Gauge Got to Do With It? - a thorough article by the Crochet Geek 'Teresa'

      Video Tutorial Explaining the Gauge by Meladora's Crochet

      Do you make sample swatches before diving into a pattern? Be honest and leave a comment below.

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