Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little Purse Project

So one of my goals is to use some of the skeins of yarn I've bought just because and never used.
I have a lot of those though so we'll see how many projects I can get done haha!

I actually got this yarn for free! When Caron 1st introduced there Spa and Country yarn lines (now discontinued) they mailed out a free skien if you signed up. I ended up buying a few more and did use them but still have two of this color. I don't know the name because no wrapper but it's a unique soft melon/peachy/pink color.

The yarn is a 3 weight and very soft. I though it would make a great purse! When I was in high school I remember having a couple of purses "the sak" I loved them and I think they still make them They are crochet purses. This kinda what I drew inspiration from and what the finished project reminds me of.

There is no pattern for this I just winged it and let the hook do the walking! I wished I'd done more of a rounder bottom but that's okay. Would you believe me the queen of "I Love my 10mm N hook" used a D hook to make this! I wanted super tight stitches so I wouldn't have to line it. I still may though.

I decided it needed a flap. I also put the yarn inside so I could see how much would fit inside. 
It's bigger than my ipad mini. I can carry that, my phone, and a small wallet so it's just the perfect small purse size for me. 

This is the finished project!

I really like the way it turned out! It took me about a week off an on since I was creating as I went and that tiny hook! The texture and look of it are great! I have a feeling my 4 year old Calleigh will steal it though. Its just her size! 


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