Friday, October 5, 2012

October Design Contest - Think PInk!

We had a great success with the scarecrow design contest last month that I though it would be fun to do another on this month and maybe every month! I love seeing you put your own twist on my designs! There are sooo many possibilities! Instead of doing a Halloween theme, since most my items are considered costumes, I've decided on the theme "Think Pink" - In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. My sweet grandma is a survivor of breast cancer and it's a cause important to my heart and our family!

The rules are simple.

1. It has to be from one of my patterns. It can look just like my pattern or it can vary with your own creative ideas added. This can be from paid or even the free pattern posted here on the blog so this gives anyone a chance.

2. It has to be mostly shade of pink(s).

3. Email your Photo submission to me calleighclips @ att. net or you can post it to my facebook wall.
It doesn't have to be a professional image or even on a model. So don't feel like if you don't have professional image you wont win because it's mostly random draw.

4. I will make an album on facebook through out the month.

5. I will accept submissions from Oct 5th - Oct 31st. Winners will be chosen the week after.

This will not be a voting contest to give everyone an equal chance. I will pick a few at random, I will pick my favorite and my kids love to pick a couple favorites too. The more that enter the more random draws I'll pick!

If you have questions at any time just contact me! or leave comments below!

I can't wait to see your entries!! Have fun and be creative!


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