Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Memo - Sales, RTS and Pattern of the Week!

Good Monday Morning! My morning started bright and early at around 4:00 am. I'm going to have a long week adjusting to hubby's early work schedule. I'm a night owl! Had a super busy week with VBS at my Church last week and the next two weeks the kids have some summer fun swimming lessons in the mornings. So I haven't had a chance to work on my new pattern ideas as much as I'd like.

 I am working on a fun Build your own ("secret") pattern :) - I think you'll enjoy it very much! I have a few other things I need to finish too like the dragon/dino pattern and I know many of you want the beagle alternate pattern I just have to catch up on orders first.

This week's Pattern of the week concludes my June theme of "On the Farm" with the 

You can get it in my instant download shop on Ravlery for only $2.99 
(discount will automatically be applied at check out! )

Any guesses to next months theme for pattern of the week? 
 Since its going to be another hot summer I though we'd cool off with a winter theme of
 Christmas in July! 

I have to apologize if you've been trying to get bundle deals in Ravlery and couldn't get it to work! 
I had it set to only the cape patterns but I hadn't added the new ones to the list so it's wasn't working right. To make it easier there are no restriction on what patterns in my shop you can get. It can be any at any pattern at any price.  If a pattern is $4.50 instead of $5.95 then you will get the bundle for even less.  Let's just call it a special gift from me for buying through Ravelry

So go ahead an splurge on some patterns instantly downloaded to your email! Just enter the appropriate code at checkout and make sure you have the right amount of patterns :) 

Don't crochet!?! I've got a whole album of some lovely one of a kind hats for Nb photography! 
These are a great deal and include free shipping. You can check out the album on Facebook .

Here are a few of my favorites That are ready to ship! 

Have a great week!!! 


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