Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emma June Photography

     One of the hardest things for me is finding fabulous photographers. I've been blessed to work with many over the past year. I can't tell you how many emails a day I get of photographers asking to work with me. It's a little overwhelming! While I do work with photographers at random I like to have a few I can always go to!

      I've recently had the opportunity to get to know Dawn of Emma June Photography! We had a commonality because she used to live in Oklahoma City and she crochets her own props for her photography. She's tested many patterns for me and is great at finding small details I tend to miss! 

     She's graciously going through some of my older patterns and helping me get images for ones that I never had a chance to get done on a little baby for various reasons. (Will just call those learning experiences and lost in process props that I've not got around to making again.)

     She's already sent me some great photos to use (you can see those scattered through out this post!) I'm getting very excited to see more images of her fabulous work!  She really is a great newborn photographer! I hope to meet her if she ever comes back to OKC!  You can see more of her work on Facebook! Go give her page some love and let her know Calleigh's Clips sent ya! 

Now I know your going to ask!
How do you choose your photographers and how can I be a crochet pattern tester? 

1. I like to work with a few photographers exclusively. I always go to them 1st. If they can't do it I'll offer it up to another. 

2. I'm very picky! I don't just work with anyone. Props aren't free upfront for new photographers. I require a test process. 
     a. You must pay full price for one item
     b. Photograph it properly in use with in a few weeks of arrival.
     c. Send me 3-4 images of it in use at different angles and using proper lighting so you can see the     
         true colors of the prop. Think more product shoot than baby on a few shots
     d. If I love what you've done. I'll offer a refund of half the cost.
    e. After that if I do continue to work with you we'll work out a deal. 

The best advise I can give anyone when it comes to finding the right photographer
1. Find someone local. Do a little networking. 
2. Build a relationship with them. Keep a good line of communication. 
3. Be their go to prop person and give them extras :)
4. Their work is just as important as yours and that editing process is a lot of work too! 
5. Don't settle! If you don't care for a style of a photographer don't work with them. Love them or leave them! You need to find what works for you! 

Now back to pattern testers- How to do you choose?  

     I do have a few behind the scenes pattern testers, same as my photographers I go to them 1st. The others are chosen at random. I post on my Facebook wall and open it up to a few people. I try to choose different people every time. If you do a really good job then I just might contact you again. The problem I find is most people don't find the small stuff, punctuations, grammar, typos, spacing and more! I need those suggestions and corrections. After I've read the pattern for like the millionth time it starts to all look the same. That's why I like to put other eyes on it! So you just have to be in the right place at the right time. 

If you have more questions.  You're always welcome to ask ;)


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