Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Contest Winners Announced

Thanks so much for all your participation in the Halloween photo contest. I just loved all your creations!

1st prize -Crocheter (chosen by - is Paris Davis - you win 3 patterns of choice

2nd prize non-crocheter (chosen by - Shannon Stahl - $10.00 Credit and free shipping on next order expires (Nov 14, 2011 - shop will be closing for remainder of the year)

Random winners - Picked by me just for fun

*Sarah Scheibeler - Loved her adorable kitty hat inspired from our kitty cape pattern!  - one free pattern of choice
* Jarae Wilcox - Loved the perfectly cut owl cape set and colors - One free pattern of choice

Thanks for playing!

Please use the the contact tab to claim your prizes!!


Scrappy Yarn said...
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Jarae said...

Oh Yay! Thanks so much Elisabeth, I'm so excited. I LOVE your patterns!

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