Thursday, October 20, 2011


So there is this super fun store in town called blue 7. They have quite a neat collection of items many from local designers. It's not your everyday handmade items either. I would say more edgy trendy! They are also a great place in town to buy Toms shoes!!! They have a huge selection for all ages. Some are OOAK embroidered.

I love Toms a little to much. Would it be bad if I told you I have over 5 pairs. (well I did win one pair from a geocaching game -Gowalla) The nice part is I have tiny feet so I can buy the youth size :P Anyways!!!

Blue 7 has this cool option to pain your Toms. My poor black toms have taken a beating so instend of getting rid of the faded, dusty pair I got them painted. they look awesome. I was inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness month so I choose White, Grey and Pink {with sparkles of course} What do you think?

I think they look awesome! I'm sure I could do this myself but if you buy your toms there they will paint them for free or else it's $3.00 (super affordable for me who has to much crocheting to do and not time to craft) 


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