Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Precious Memories

Today marks a bittersweet day. It's been 3 years since my Grandmother on my Dad's side lost a long battle with cancer. I spent many summers with my grandparents as a young child. I have fun memories of learning to swim, bad hair cuts and perms, one great summer in South Carolina, good times on road trips and her love of crochet. She always crochet lovely dresses for dolls, blankets. I remember seeing many crochet afghans in her closets and thinking I wish I could do that.

I have several afghans that my grandmother made me. One was for me when I went off to college. It was my favorite to curl up in with long nights of homework. Another afghan that is very special to me is one she made for my first born Ayden. I was 8 months pregnant when she passed away but she finished that blanket just for him even though she never got to meet him. I will always cherish it. I didn't get to go to funeral because it just wasn't safe for me to travel that far that late in the pregnancy. I wished I could have gone! She has a wonderful big family I would love to have met, but  I'm glad I've gotten to know a few of them through facebook. 

I say all that today because I think even though it was my mom that taught me to crochet I'm sure the desire started from seeing all the works my grandmother created. I'm so thankful I come from a craft family and I hope to teach my little Calleigh to crochet someday :)

I praise the Lord for the hope of Salvation and because of that Salvation I will see her again in Heaven some day. Love you Grandma!


Posh Pooch Designs said...

Lovely writing. Glad you have such sweet memories of your Grandma Sach.

Unknown said...

Awe. Very sweet. I have a knitted baby blanket from my Grandma, that I'll forever cherish along with my summer memories with her! Nothing beats handmade Grandma goodness. :)

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