Friday, November 5, 2010

Facebook Page Notifier

Happy Friday! To those of you that have facebook fan pages. We all I think were recently frustrated when Facebook removed the ability to view photo comments. It makes running business through facebook more difficult. I went through and tagged myself in every photo but I'm still not getting every comment. I hate to think I'd miss a question or order.

I recently came across a Facebook app called Page Notifier . I'm always leery of the pages I add but with a little research I found this is FABULOUS! You can use page notifiers free service to have your Fan page scanned once every 24 hrs. It scans for not only photo comments but all comments. So you'll never have to miss a comment again! I'm thrilled with the service. They of course have options you can pay for to have your page scanned more often but I'm happy with free for now.

I did have a little trouble setting up but when I contacted the developer I got help within an hour. I was very please with the customer service and it's working great for me! So check it out because I know you'll love it!


Unknown said...

Oh, very cool info about the Facebook notifier! Thanks for the scoop! :)

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