Saturday, July 24, 2010

We're on Etsy!

Since I first started Calleigh's Clips I've contemplated selling on Etsy! I've really struggled with it because you had to pay to list the items and if they don't sell I'm losing money. We literally have 100s of different items so I knew I couldn't list them all right at first. Well since we've been in business I've been setting aside funds to get it going and I think now is a good time. I've only got 5 items in the shop and I'll slowly be adding new ones. I'm so very excited about this new adventure and I really hope it pays off :)

Who doesn't love etsy! I've found so many new creations and inspirations from it! I've also met some fun people through purchases through it. I can't wait to explore the big world that etsy is. If you have an etsy shop or shop on etsy I'd love to exchange Etsy heart's since I'm new I could really use some :)

So come explore Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations on Etsy!

Feel free to post links on my blog for your shops and tell me about your etsy experiences as shoppers and sellers. 


Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm a new follower, nice blog!

Casey said...

Hey there!!

Your etsy shop is off to a fantastic start =) I'm a portrait photographer from Australia and I've hearted your store for future purchases =D

It is a bit daunting to set up your store - I started adding a couple of items every day and now I'm up to almost 80! It's only 20c per item, and once you make a sale, you'll probably cover all the listing costs!!

Here's my shop:

I look forward to seeing what you do next!

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