Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pricing, Affordability & Time

You may have noticed some pricing changes made to our crochet items. This wasn't an easy decision for  me. I think this part of the boutique is the hardest for me because I want to make a quality product at an affordable price. After much evaluation of my cost of supplies, & time I don't feel I was paying myself enough. Actually I wasn't really considering time in my pricing at all. Time is precious to us all especially time with family. I have two beautiful very young children (2 years and 1 year) and as much as I love to make things for you all family must come first.  So when looking at the pricing please take into consideration it takes 1-2 hrs if not much more depending on size of the project. I've also been given great advise and it's the same advise I use for my piano lesson pricing policy! Don't sell your products so low because people might think that your products aren't made well and don't sell yourself short. I do want to offer great deals for your little darlings! I know how important that is to mothers but at the same time this is my job as a WAHM and if I have to work I would like to be paid for it :)

I also would like to offer  better yarn quality choices, not that I hadn't been but there are more great options out there that I'd love to offer for you. Not everyone may know but there are tons of different styles and brands of yarn out there and they're not all great quality! I strive to use super soft yarn that crochets up beautifully not scratchy and itchy! I hope all you wonderful fans and friends understand. It's been a great 6 months so far and can't wait to see it continue to grow! Thanks for your support and feel free  to let me know your thoughts on this blog! I love your comments and suggestions!


The Oxford Family said...

I couldn't agree with this more! Good for you! Your work is adorable!

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