Sunday, December 4, 2016

Crochet Wrap Button Bracelet Tutorial

I've been crocheting up a storm for Christmas. I was trying to come up with ideas that with supplies I already have on hand, not take to much time and yet easy to personalize.  I came up with this crochet wrap button bracelet design and now I want to make a ton of them. 

So fun and my daughter is obsessed with them. She's requested I make them for all her school  friends and I've had several inquires to make some for other family and friends.  

I know you will just love this bracelet tutorial. This is great for beginners and it's make a perfect gift for anyone in all seasons!

So lets get to it!
 This is more of a tutorial than a pattern and 
good news I made a video too! 

Crochet Wrap Button Bracelet Tutorial
 *Written instructions below video!

Yarn Suggestions: DK or Sport Weight of choice (below are the samples I used in the video

*Patons Grace (sport weight 
* Afternoon Cotton by Premier Yarns (DK weight)
* Yarn Bee Sweet Delights (DK- weight)

Button of choice (any size will do) 

Hook Suggestion: (E-4 3.5mm) or size desired
Tapestry Needle that with through button holes
Measuring Tape 

Step 1: Thread the needle and pull your yarn end through the button holes. 

Step 2: Make a slip knot, pull it close to button, as tight as possible. Make one chain around both ends of the yarn to lock that in place. Pull again on ends to make the chain tight to the button. 
Leave the end of the yarn (not attached to the ball/skein) off to the side now, well use it to braid later.) 

Step 3: Chain Stitch until the bracelet measures around 54 inches. Be sure not to twist the chain and keep it as even as possible. 

Step 4: Button Hole: 
This will depend on the size of the button you use. 
Make a slip stitch in about the 5th chain from the hook, (if you need it bigger or smaller adjust) Make sure your button with fit through. 

Step 5: Sl St in all the remaining chains to the very 1st chain. Leaving about a 6-8 inch tail, fasten off. 

Step 6: Braiding the End: cut two strand of yarn about 12 inches. Thread these through the button whole. Pull ends evenly. Divide the ends into three sections. Braid the ends to measure about 3 inches. Tie off in the knot. 

Step 7: Wrap it around your wrist, button and Enjoy!


Unknown said...

You've done it! You have come up with the ideal stocking stuffer for my four granddaughters! They will absolutely LOVE these. What a great idea. These are so cute and what a wonderful way for me to use my button stash. Thank you so much for this marvelous, creative, fantastic idea.(Are you getting the idea that I really like this?)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the last minute gift idea! These should whip up quickly and they are a good way to use up a small amount of leftover yarn from other projects. :)

Nanaof7 said...

Love these bracelets. Thanks for sharing! I do have a question - the one made with the Paton's Grace yarn where you added the initial bead - I noticed it is a thin braid, not like the others, and not sure how you did this!? Could you explain? Thanks so much, Linda

Cindy said...

Hi, Thank you for sharing your pattern. I have a couple munchkins that will enjoy these. Thanks again!

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