Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy I Love Yarn Day 2015

Happy I Love Yarn Day! 

Who's addicted to yarn? Who has to much? 
haha I've actually been on a yarn freeze this year. 
I've been really good actually. Working really hard to use what's in my stash! I think I only splurged a few times. 
I seriously used to buy $50-100 worth of yarn a week just for fun to stay up to day and try the latest yarns. 
I wish I could still do that but life and unforeseen medical expenses have put a damper on that. So the good news is those expenses are almost taken care of. Maybe I'll get to play again soon with your help in participating in the sale. 
In the mean time I'll show some extra love to skeins that are lonely and need some lovin' in my stash! I'm really excited for my next projects. I found some pretty gems that are currently on my hooks. 

In the mean time I have 100's of pattern free and paid that you can have fun with. 
Be sure to see what's new on the blog and enjoy 50% off  in my 

 Sat. Oct 17th until Midnight Central

Just use the code : YARN2015

Thank you & Enjoy! 


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