Sunday, January 6, 2013

January Design Contest

I've really enjoyed the Design Contests. I love seeing you take the base pattern and putting your own spin on it. I had the contest running though Dec but only had two entries so now that we're not as busy with the holidays I want to try again! 

The New Capelet pattern has been a new favorite in the shop so I though we' would focus on just using it. Plus I want to show that it can be use year round in lots of other ways than just Christmas! I think It is a perfect Valentine prop. 

The rules are simple.

1. It has to be from this pattern. It can look just like my pattern or it can vary with your own creative ideas added. For instance, change the colors, edging, or add some ears from your favorite animal.  You can purchase this pattern in Ravelry

2. Email your Photo submission to me calleighclips @ att. net or you can post it to my facebook wall.
It doesn't have to be a professional image or even on a model. So don't feel like if you don't have professional image you wont win because it's mostly random draw. It's not a voting contest

4. I have made an album on facebook . You can view current entries here.

5. I will accept submissions til Jan 31st.  Winners will be chosen in the 1st week of Feb. 

This will not be a voting contest to give everyone an equal chance. I will pick a few at random, I will pick my favorite and my kids love to pick a couple favorites too. The more that enter the more random draws I'll pick!
Winners will received a free pattern.

If you have questions at any time just contact me! or leave comments below!

I can't wait to see your entries!! Have fun and be creative!


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