Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing Raverly Bundle Coupons

 I'm so amazed at what a wonderful month January was for my business. I've been a little overwhelmed with orders, designing and trying to email patterns out. I always email pattern with in 24 hrs. (usually in just minutes to few hrs.) but once in a while they just don't come through on your end. Technology is a mystery to me sometimes. I've done a little something that will be a time saver for me and I think benefit to you!   

I have my patterns in three shops - Etsy, Ravelry, Artifire.  

While I like Etsy- The fees are down right crazy. I won't tell you what it was but it's outrageous! It's not so bad when you only sell a few things but when you sell a lot the numbers rises fast. 

I like Artfire but it seems that many of you don't prefer it and it just doesn't get the traffic. I don't get many sales but I only pay $6.95 a month because I signed up on a promo and as long as I keep my shop that's all I'll ever have to pay. No listing fees or sales fees. 

I love Ravelry and once you hit a certain amount of sales the fee caps out at $10.00  a month- The biggest benefit is instant downloads! No waiting on my to send patterns. Plus you can save them in your raverly library so that if you lose it or accidentally delete it it's always there. This shop prevents me from lots of resending. Raverly emails always come through! I've never had anyone with an issue! 

Now for the Ravelry benefits! You can now purchase the same bundle deals I offer on my other sites with  the use of coupon codes - These will only be for the Critter Capes since they are all the same price. The other misc patterns at $4.50 you'll have to purchase separately or get a bundle in my other shop. It's the only way I could get the codes work here properly with out you being over charged :) 

I really hope you'll enjoy the benefits of bundle deals on Ravelry! It will save me a lot of time and money too! 

If you follow on facebook you already know but today only Ravelry I have a buy any 2 get 1 free. Just put 3 patterns in your cart and the discount will automatically be applied! 

So which shop do you prefer and why ( as a seller or buyer) ? 


Nichole said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! So happy you figured out a way for this to happen. I LOVE RAVELRY!!!

niccupp said...

As a buyer, I prefer Ravelry! I can download the pattern whenever I want and access it from anywhere.

As a seller, I think I would also prefer Ravelry for patterns. I have a free pattern listed on Ravelry and it is really easy to update.

Plus, as a pattern buyer, any time a pattern is updated, Ravelry e-mails the user and lets them know there is an update.

For selling finished products, I will (eventually) use Etsy. Etsy has a lot of exposure and photographers go there to find new props. Facebook isn't a "shop" so to speak, but 100% of my business so far has been through facebook and word-of-mouth. I use paypal to invoice non-local people. There are small charges associated, but it is better than getting charged by Etsy & PayPal.

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