Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Gift Idea - Crochet Paracord Bracelet Cuff Pattern

My sweet hubby of Public Safety Survival Bracelets recently saw a photo of a hat made from paracord. He's been asking if I could crochet him a hat from it. So I decided to try. Well after just a couple rounds my fingers and wrists hurt. I crochet tight and there is no give or softness to it. So decided on a much smaller project. I made a bracelet in just a few short minutes. I think I surprise him with how fast I did it. I really like how it turned out and he did too! He even asked me to make another.  So I thought what perfect timing with Father's Day coming up next Sunday, here is a quick project that a guy will like ! 

Paracord Cuff Bracelet

Here's what I used to make it:

Paracord - 14-15 feet 
We order our paracord online for his biz but there are a few random army supply shops and uniform shops around town that sell it by the foot for about 10-15 cents. If you're in OKC just ask and I can tell you were to get it. If not you may have to ask around and see where you can find it. 

Shackle  3/8ths - you can get these at your local hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot. There about $3.00  

N- Hook 

You can make these anysize. You'll first want to get a wrist measurement. I would say about 7-8 inches is a regular size.

You're going to do a 11 sc chain-less foundation sts,{click link to see how to do chain-less foundation} ch 1 loosely {you'll need to be able to get the screw of the shackle through it} , sc in each of the chains on the opposite side of the bracelet. Join with a sl st to the 1st sc, 

Weaving in ends is really hard so what my hubs usually does is tie off the two ends in a knot or two and melt the ends down with a lighter (be careful) 

You'll slide the bigger part of the shackle through the end where we ended. Nowhere specific just through a few stitches. {you might have to stretch it a little}

That's it! If you want it bigger or smaller just add or decrease the foundation chains or change hook sizes. 

We still want to be able to use it as a lifesaving bracelet and unravel it in time of need. Crochet is so super easy and fast to unravel if you need too! That's what these are all about. {you can read more about his shop in this post}

I hope your enjoy making one. If you do I'd love to see pictures!!


theresasthisnthat said...

Perfect gift idea for my ROTC girl Elizabeth and all her buddies! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's a cool design. I'm not into the army stuff,but I am a big hunter and these would be awesome to use for that! Convent to carry and easy to use!!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a pattern like this. I need a new pattern. I live in Tulsa OK. I am trying to think where I can get the cord. Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

OK I have one I don't think anyone has tried. My daughter suggested I try crocheting a purse (hand bag) using paracord. I just looked at her kind of strange, bit now I am wondering how it will come out. Debating whether I want to try or not.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

PLP- DO IT!! I don't know that it would be easy to crochet it tight so it would need a liner but I think it would be awesome! hmmm now I might have to try it :)

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Oh- and my hubby buys some of his paracord on Etsy. I'm not sure of local placed in Tulsa just a few places in OKC Metro sell it and not a great selection.

Anonymous said...

If you are around where there are ACMOORE stores, they are carrying parachute cord.

grogers888 said...

Where do you get para cord in OKC

Anonymous said...

wanted to make a shopping/grocery bag from paracord-crocheted to end of skein(?) of paracord I bought at A.C. Moore and could not figure out how to join the next skein. Anyone have any ideas on how to join this stuff so it won't come apart? I don't think melting will hold.

Anonymous said...

If it is nylon you melt it (very carefully) together with a fire igniter or a lighter. Practice in a safe place and on scrap pieces to get the technique down.

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