Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a year ago....

Last October I actually had just started picking up my crochet hook again for the fall. I've crochet for a long time but hadn't in a long time! Hard to believe my winter craftiness would continue on to be a year round business just a few short months later.

The spark to crochet again actually happen when I found this hat I'd made before Calleigh was born. I actually made it for her older cousin the Christmas before but it came out to small so she got a different one. This one fit Calleigh just right for the fall. So I started making some more items for her.

This was a little bow headband! She's so little and cute! 

The following items my mom made the kids for Halloween :) 

Calleigh's nickname was pumpkin so this what her Halloween outfit! 

Ayden loves puppies and he got a puppy hat and a cute face to go with it! 

It's so fun to look at old pics! Ayden is almost 3 and Calliegh is almost 17 months today! Have a great week and a fun Halloween. I still don't have anything picked out for Ayden but Calleigh will be a purple kitty! Ayden will probably be a cowboy because he's in love with Woody from Toy Story :) I can't wait to pick up Toy Story 3 next week. We never got around to seeing it but I know the kids will love it. Okay enough rambling I just need a quick break from crochet. :) 


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