Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is it to early to order for Christmas?

Is It To Early To Order For Christmas?

The answer is absolutely not! I've had a lot of emails and comments on orders about Christmas and getting items on time. My normal wait time is roughly 5-10 days but usually 3-5 days from payment. With the Holiday season approaching I can tell you that you may want to give me 2-3 weeks. I've already gotten 2 larger orders this weekend on top of several small ones so it's building up fast. I want to take time and make your items perfect and get them to you in a timely manner so please please please don't wait till December. Now through the month of November is the time to order. I may have a cut off at a certain point but I'll play that by ear as we go.

Please note that I do not start your order until you pay. The only reason for this is that I've had many emails in the past with orders for " I want this...." and then I never get payment or even a contact back. I don't want to make my paying customers wait because of non-payment orders. I do ask that if you are going to place the order that you be ready to pay with in 24-48 hrs unless we've made other arrangements. The easiest way is to pay via paypal. You don't even have to have an account with them just have your credit or debit card available. I do also accept money orders but don't wait to get them in the mail!

I'm very excited for this holiday season and I'm looking forward to all the things I get to create special for you and your family and friends. I know that they will love what I make! If you have questions on how to order or if you need custom items feel free to contact me any time by email or using the contact button here or on facebook.

Please note that facebook removed the ability for Fan pages to get notification or "view comments" on the photos. Please still comment but I make never see it. Please write on the wall or contact me with any questions. I want to help and don't intentionally mean to ignore the comments.

The easiest way to purchase is through my Artfire Storefront

Happy Shopping!


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