Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yarn- How do I choose?

With all the yarn selections out there it can be a bit overwhelming at first if your new to crocheting or knitting. Most people when they start are likely first drawn in by a favorite color and the texture of the yarn.  I would also guess that they choose by price I know I did but as always you get what you pay for unless you found a great deal on sale or down the clearance isle. 

After crocheting a ton more this past year than ever before I've had the opportunity to try lots of different types, weights and brands. I thought I'd share a little bit about what I like, don't like and why. 

I do most my shopping at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and I've found that I love the store brand yarns over some of the bigger brand name yarns. 

I should mention first I have very sensitive skin. I can't crochet with Wool yarn at all unless it's a blend of  some sort.  It makes me itch and break out in hives. There are some acrylics I can't use either. 

For my Worsted Weight Yarn (4) I love Hobby Lobby's "I love this Yarn" acrylic yarn. It's so much softer than Vanna's Choice and Red Heart to me. It also seems a little thicker so generally I have to crochet a little tighter but I do that anyways.  I also like Simply Soft by Caron Yarn, but it's the opposite of the I love this yarn. I seems smaller to me so I have to crochet looser or go up a few hook sizes. I like the sheen of it but it's limited in color choices. 

For my Chunky yarn depending on the project I recently tried Michaels brand yarn of Loops & Thread and I'm in love with the Charisma yarn. It's so soft, squishy has a little shiny sheen to it. I also like their Country Loom Yarn which is similar to homespun by Lion brand. I think that the Country Loom is easier to crochet with. I use it for my hammocks, Kangaroo pouches and cocoons which are used to hang up for photo shoots and I feel better about the strength of the yarn. 

When it comes to cotton yarn I like sugar and cream by Lily but I Love this Cotton my Hobby Lobby is much softer. I think it crochets up a little different so really it just depends on my project for what I choose. I don't like the peaches and cream I got at Walmart. I seems crunchy to me and hard to work with. 

I've been noticing lots of my crocheting online friends trying the thick and thin yarn that is hand dyed and I'm "dying" to try it. I might spoil myself in the next few weeks!

I don't use only these yarns I've tried lots of others and it really just depends on my project. So What are your favorites? feel free to share your thoughts here. 


The Oxford Family said...

I love that you posted this! I always like hearing other people's preferences and how they choose!

Libby said...

Let me say that I detest Red Heart Super Saver WW yarns (in general). The only WW Red Heart Super Saver that I can bear is the one with the flecks because there's an added fiber in there that softens it up.

Since the closest Hobby Lobby, Joann's, or AC Moore is about 70 miles away, I have to rely on Michael's to a degree. From there I usually get Vanna's Choice and the Loops and Thread.

When I go out of town, I love Hobby Lobby's store brand, but A.C. Moore always has a broader selection and offers teacher discounts. Joann's does too so I get some things from there, including fabric to line my bags.

You opened up a can of worms here. Thanks for letting me share. :-D

MarieK said...

Thanks for posting this. I too can't wear wool and recently hurt my hand working with a blend - i didn't know the yarn i picked up (great colour) had 20% wool in it until my left hand started blistering!
no Hobby Lobby or Joann's near me so I rely on Michaels and Walmart for my yarn.
I really like all the ones you mentioned - Charisma Chocolate Cupcake and Bouquet were my faves this year for hats and Homespun Olive and Corinthian for hats and infinity scarves.
I have a slightly different pattern for a slouchy but I'm going to give your pattern a try! Thanks for posting it.

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