Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Calleigh's Clips Baby Blanket Mini C2C Graphgan: Square 1 - Owl

I'm so excited to share with you my latest design! I had this idea to use my logo to create a graphgan. I'd never made a graphgan myself before and thought it would be too much work, to much yarn and oy, those color changes! So many ends to weave! 
I have made c2c blankets and I love the stitch, so I decided to just jump in with it! 
I recently learned mini c2c stitch, basically you use a hdc stitch instead of a dc so it uses less yarn and make a smaller square.  I fell in love even more! 

I designed 9 whimsical squares and have a few ideas for more. I'll be posting about 2 squares a week over the next 5 weeks! The last week I'll share the last square and border I used. I'm not holding an official Crochet along but if you want to make one as I post each week. I'll be fresh to answer questions along the way. You are welcome to post on my facebook page,  group or tag me on instagram @calleighsclips so we can have fun together! 

Since I used the mini c2c stitch all my info will be based off that but feel free to have fun with this. 
Use a different stitch, c2c, bobbles, sc, your preferred graph method. 
You can use different colors, yarn sizes or hook choices.
 You are not stuck on what I use. Be creative and have fun! 

If you are a planner like me, I have a materials list for the whole blanket. If you have a decent stash like I do I had every thing on hand already. I'm doing good sticking to my no - new yarn ban. 

See Release Schedule at the end of the post! 

Be sure to add this to your Raverly Favorites and link up your projects so I can see your progress. 


Materials for full project 

I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn Worsted Weight 
1 Skien each: 
Peacock, Ocean, Hot Rose, Yellow, Desert Glaze, Charcoal, Toasted Almond, Mid Green
2 Skien's : Ivory (Main Color or Background color)

Hook : G-HOOK (4.00mm)

Each Square measures around 8x8 inches
Final project measures : Approx 28 x 28 inches

Gauge isn't essential! Whew! LOL! I know you wouldn't make a swatch anyways. haha! 

Need help getting started! Video Tutorials on they way! 


Colors needed : Peacock, Ocean, Mid Green, Desert Glaze, & Ivory 


Each Square on the graph represents one square in the mini c2c stitch
Start at box 1 with mini c2c working diagonally up to box 29, Do not Fasten off

Watch for the next square later in the week.
Curious what the other squares might be???

It's all based off my logo! So you'll just have to wait and see what's next! I hope to design more bonus squares too! You can do so much more than just a blankets! Pillows, Wall hangings, purses and more! Enjoy! 

Week of Feb 13- 19

Square 1 - OWL 

Week of Feb 20- 26 

Square #4 - Flower

Week of Feb 27 - March 5 

Week of March 6 - 12 

Week of March 13 - 19 


Heather said...

OK, this is too cute not to pass up. I would love to guarantee that I would actually complete 2 squares a week, but I am already behind 4 squares. And, in between orders, whoooooooo knows:) I couldn't resist the pun.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

No rush! The patterns will always be here!

Janet said...

Will these patterns be up soon? Week of March 6 - 12

Square 7 & 8 - Rainbow Stripes. Anxious to get them.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

It's already posted. I must have missed linking it here. So sorry. I'll fix that asap.

Janet said...

Can you estimate when you will have the finishing part up? Would love to get it........

Elisabeth Spivey said...

I'm sorry for the delay. I started a new job and am trying to adjust to my new schedule. I was supposed to have it all done by now. I'm hoping to work on the finishing touches over the weekend. Thanks for your patience while I transition.

Elisabeth Spivey said...

In case you missed this video. Here is how I joined all the squares. I got it loaded to YouTube just not posted to the blog yet.

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