Monday, January 3, 2011

21 Days of Getting Organized

I've seen several "bloggers" hopping on this challenge and well it motivated me to get things organized too. I am a clutter queen. I like to say I have organized messes...LOL! I'm naturally an organized person and a planner, but after having a couple of kids and living in a small house with little storage space the past three years that went down the drain. I know we just have to much stuff. I tend to be a packrat and have a hard time getting rid of sentimental stuff. I keep cards and notes. Now don't get me wrong. My house is clean and I'm not a hoarder type person. That show just makes me sad and every time I see it I feel the need to clean something right away! 

Day 1 - was the junk drawer and I really don't have "one" I have several.....
I have this large built in desk area and well I don't think any of the 7 drawers have unique storage area designated. I missed this day so I'll have to catch up which I did slightly today because....

Day 2 - Computer Desk - 

My Computer is a laptop so generally I'm sitting in my big chair when I'm on it. It's usually close on our big ottoman when I'm working on crochet patterns. I suppose I could print patterns out but I don't like to waste the paper. 

My desk however is a crazy crafty mess. In our rent house we have this corner desk area thats like an entire office space and catch all! Since I was already in process of cleaning it off I don't have a before picture. It was pretty bad! So yes this is the after pic. I think it still needs more love but mostly inside those drawers and the bookshelves above is for another day! 

This first picture is my desk/craft area. I have lots of ribbon, clips and supplies for making bows in all those storage containers. You can also see I have a sewing machine, printer and our doll model Paisley. I actually don't usually make bows here...LOL! I tend to bring the Items I need to the living room and work in front of the TV. (please ignore what you see under the desk- that will be organized another day) 

View two  - is the left side of the desk storage area - This is my hubby's area and it's usually his catch all. I did organize it today and threw lots away....hopefully nothing important. 

View 3 is the right side (there are those pesky junk drawers. I won't lie one drawer is organized with fabric and headbands, one has computer cds, two have office supplies, one is really a junk drawer, two are paperwork, cards and random electrical cords and one is full of writing utensils- wether it be pens, pencils, markers or hi-lighters. ) I sort of organized them today and threw away lots of things but if you notice on top of my large two drawer organizer I have bills/paperwork that need to be filled and a large bag full of ribbon my mom gave me !  ---and yes those are stocking still hanging on the bookshelves with care... I hope taking down christmas decorations is part of the organizing or it might get ignored.

I got a good portion organized but this is a bigger task to me than some. 

Well here was a peek in half my work space- the crochet side is well another story for another day I'm sure! 

I hope you'll join in the challenge or at least be inspired to clean up an area that needs a little love! 

I think the first week or two we'll be easy but when I get back to teaching piano in a few weeks the end part might get neglected but I'm going to try really hard! Good Luck! 


Libby said...

Oh I wish you all the best. I probably need to jump on that challenge too! I admire those that can be truly creative and keep their house nice and tidy. Unfortunately I don't really know too many like that. lol

This challenge is very inspiring! Keep up the good work. :-)

Unknown said...

So, this is the first I've heard of 21 days to getting organized .... and funny, because I spent the entire day organzing my craft armoire and closet .... and my kitchen shelves. This was after I took my tree down and realized I didn't thank you (per my blog post) for the cute snowflake ornaments! THANK YOU! I then proceeded to clean out my patio storage.

I guesss I"ll partake in the remaining 18 days .... thanks for sharing. :)

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thank for you sweet Comments Libby! I'm sure this won't last long LOL!

Erin - Thank you! Look forward to seeing your posts!

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