Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photographers Policies

I've gotten many emails, convo's and contacts from Photographers about trading crochet props for high resolution photos. 
I would love to trade with you but I do have guidelines and I don't giveaway my products for free. 

With all the orders I have and and the time is takes me to make them I just can't giveaway my products. I know it takes time to get photo shoots together from getting clients, to setting up sessions and editing photos but in the end you'll still get paid for your photo shoot. It takes me a couple hrs to make each item plus or minus depending on the item on top of materials and shipping costs. 

The other issue I have is people saying they're photographers and clearly are not or Photographers getting free hats and me ending up with no photos! It's happened and I was very disappointed. 

So I'd like to know more about you and you business before I send out free items! 

I've not had a policy set in stone but I've been researching and think I've got a great solution that will also create great business relationships that will in turn give you some extra support. All Photographers that are used will get shout outs, reviews and credits  on my blog, credit on all postings that I use your photos and mentions in my social networks. 

Here is a policy I think I would love to implement! I really think this will help us both!  

Photographers - Please read the details below to see how to earn free hats and discounts.
Purchase a hat (or headband) and send me 4-5 photos that I can use in my shop*. Then choose one of the following options:
•A free custom newborn sized hat (or headband) OR
*25% off Photography Props -cacoons, nesting bowls, hammock, kangaroo pouches OR
•50% off any size custom hat
Then send me photos of THAT hat and choose again! Be sure to let me know your website so I can credit you in that listing.
*Colors in the photos should represent the colors in the hat as much as possible. Please choose hat colors that do not already have professional photos in my shop.
*If you purchase a headband you will receive a free headband, not a free hat.

*Ultimately you'll be getting your money back in product ;) Plus it will guarantee I have photos :) and encourages you to continue ! 

-updated -Jan 4, 2011

I've got some great photographers that I will continue to use but please make note of this new policy change.  I would love to get some more photographers. If you are Local to OKC and we can work together I would love it! 

Let me know what you think! 

*Photography by Rebecca M. of


Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I'm not a photographer, but this policy seems fair :)

Crochet Medley said...

This post just made me want to add this to my policies for this new year, thanks!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Feel free Erin- I took it from someone else with a few revisions :)

Lizzie's Lovelies said...

I think I might also add this. I just sent out a bunch of free hats to a couple photographers and haven't gotten anything in return except one telling me she is busy and will try to get to it soon.

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