Monday, December 15, 2014

Pre-Christmas Sale and Freebie

I've been trying to have sales once a month for you guys! They have been going really great and I can't even begin to tell you what It means to me when you purchase a pattern. THANK YOU!! 

Things have been very tight this year and you've made it possible for me to pay most those extra unexpected dr. bills we had and still have. I have a long ways to go before they are paid down but with each sale we get a little bit closer!
So here is another discount  for you to enjoy to get any last minute patterns for Christmas
along with a limited time freebie too (details below)! 

Thank you, Thank you and Merry Christmas !

60% off all patterns in Raverly 
Coupon Code is : CHRISTMAS 

60% off gets you about 4-5 patterns for under $10.00 depending on the price.

Please don't forget we are retiring 11 patterns at the end of 2014. 
So you might want to pick those up if you haven't! You can see those here 

(ps. They will remain in Ravelry and no they will not 
disappear from your library you just won't be able to purchase them. )

Now for that freebie! I know that's why you came here! 

I've decide this months the free paid pattern will be my Precious Gift hat

 It will only be Free TUES Dec 16th and will run for 24 hrs from the time posted
I'll have full details tomorrow with the coupon code!!

You can now access the link to download it for free here



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