Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lace up with Liz - Calories and Crochet

 If you've followed with me some this year you'll know I started a journey to get fit! I took up running and eating healthier! I'm so excited that I've lost 65 pounds and that even with the holiday season upon us I'm managing to maintain. It can be a hard time of year! 

This month I'm determined to get 10K steps a day with my Fitbit! They've added Challenge groups so now I have competition with other friends! I want to win but I got work to do!!  

So, I've heard it said you can burn 100 calories in an hr while crocheting - (Crochet Spot.) I don't know how accurate that is but today I thought I'd try something new! I was walking with a running buddy the other day and she mentioned seeing a guy once crocheting/knitting while running a marathon. I thought that would be so cool but I need a friend to run with that would hold my yarn LOL!  

My good friend recently gave me her old treadmill so today I thought that spot for my water would hold a crochet skien nicely. Why not crochet while I walk? It was a run rest day but I still wanted to get in those steps! 

(don't worry I stopped the treadmill to take the picture!) 
I walked for 60 minutes, not super fast but did increase my pace as I got comfortable. I would say you need to work on something you don't have to look at closely. I've been wanting to make my favorite hat (Key Tab Slouch -free pattern) in a new color. 

In that hr. I waked 2.6 miles and got the brim of the hat done. It flew by really fast actually! I was doing two things I really enjoy doing!! 

If you do it just be careful that your yarn is secure and not hanging down! I did pull the safety key out once when I wasn't paying attention to the walking lol! 

So maybe I burned an extra 100 calories since I was multitasking! Who knows! 

Here is my new Before and After pic too! 
They have these huge ornament decorations downtown and we like to do family pics down there! 

I just like to joke that the hanger looks like a giant crochet hook! 

So what ways do you like to exercise? 
Do you do anything special while you crochet to keep moving? 


Posh Pooch Designs said...

You look amazing! I think I need a treadmill, now!!!!!

kddomingue said...

Love the hat and mitts! I have to say that you are more coordinated than I if you can walk and crochet at the same time! I'm impressed! And I applaude the tremendous strides you've made in two short years to improve your well being. You look marvelously healthy and happy! Love the huge ornaments in the photos. What a wonderful backdrop for family pictures. Have a very merry Christmas!

Elisabeth Spivey said...

Thank you so much! I do play piano so maybe I'm just used to thinking about more than one thing at a time!

Lori said...

Way to go! What a fantastic accomplishment for you. And yeah, not sure I'd be coordinated enough to walk and crochet! :)

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