Friday, September 12, 2014

Thursday Yarn Talk - Offshore Beanie

Offshore Beanie Review! 

I looove Playin' Hooky Designs! I found Liz back when I first started on Etsy in a Crochet Etsy Team. I don't know her personally but I sure would like to meet her some day. If I would have planned ahead this summer while in Colorado I could have! We visited the same yarn shop!! LOL. She is a great designer and super unique. I probably have about 10 of her patterns and I like them all!  

The Offshore Beanie popped up in my news feed and my hubby saw it! He's like " You need that pattern! Can you make it for me?" Me - "of course I can!" I don't need an excuse to try a new pattern. 

So I gladly made the purchase. I was excited because the stitching looked fun and unique. The hardest part was just picking out the colors. I went with Vanna's Choice because no matter what the colors always work together and I have ton of it. I picked some darker "manly" shades and I like how it came out! Hubby loves his new hat but he doesn't like to do pics so I'll be your model today :) 

The pattern is well written. Lots of pics, stitch explanations and tutorials to help you through. It also has an option for a slouch or beanie. I love slouchy!! 
It's not as complicated as it might look. It was simple and worked up fairly quickly too. 

You can find it in Adult size & Kids size
If you like the stitch then you may want to check out the darling leg warmers and dress too!  

So check out her designs! You will love them all! 

Side Note: 
Yes I know it's Friday! I've been working hard on trying to blog at least two days a week since school started but yesterday I blogged about my new pattern release and kinda forgot it was Thursday!

 Did you see it? If not click here. If you tried to use the coupon link yesterday and it didn't work. I didn't realize I had the wrong link soooo. It's working now!
 Thanks for everyone that has picked it up so far! 


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