Friday, August 29, 2014

Drops Waistcoat Pattern Review

This summer I came across a lovely crochet pattern from Drops. They have 100s of free patterns in lots of languages so it's a really great resource. The Pattern is called simply Waistcoat Pattern

I wanted a new top to wear over some of my Sunday dresses.  I was drawn to some extra skeins I had of Red Heart Shimmer in Black. I liked this yarn for this project because I was able to match gauge with it and it was sparkly. Its kind of hard to see that in the pics though. It's not heavy and drapes well. I don't completely remember but I took about 3 skeins. If you make one I would reccommend a light worsted yarn. I think regular worsted could work but you might need to crochet tighter. 

I made the XL but as some of you know I've been loosing weight so it's a little big in the back portion. I wished I taken out a few rows but I was afraid it would be to small. I think I'll make a few adjustments to my finished product for a better fit and maybe a lacy cuff sleeve, but over all I'm happy with how it turned out. 

FYI- It is hard to take pics of yourself :) LOL! I used the video function on my iPhone and then did screen shots so these aren't the best pics, but I really wanted to show it to you on. 

Would you make one? What do you think? Have you made any Drop Designs? 


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