Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Yarn Talk

Back before my blogging break I used to go shopping every Thursday for yarn and share my findings with you on the blog. I've been on a yarn freeze (sorta) for the past 7 month. I only would pick it up for orders, or a special occasion like my birthday. I think I used that excuse a few times LOL! Well it's Thursday so I think I want to share what's in my stash instead! I have a few fun finds and trying new yarns is fun! 

I've been wanting to knit (yes I said knit) a pair of socks for a long time but I wanted nice yarn. Like at my Local Yarn Shop The Gourmet Yarn Company. So many pretties! I only visit there once every couple months.  I usually just touch. squeeze and wish for the yarn. It's a little more pricey but I have fallen in love with a few things there I like to spurge on once in a while. I love to get together with some of my yarn friend for there knit/crochet ins. 

If you want a peek inside the shop my mom blogged about it here with a few fun picks! 

There are always a few prizes and giveaways at the Knit ins, but I never win those until my B-day month! I was so excited I won a skien of Sock Yarn that has enough for me to make the socks!!! 
It's a skein of Rowan Fine Art - Premium hand painted sock yarn, made with wool and silk! I love the colors too! Lovely shades of blue! 

Here is my dilemma! I'm not a great knitter, but I'm up for this challenge I just need a easy, simple pattern! I've been looking but honestly there are a lot so I need your help! Let me know your favorite knit or crochet sock patterns and then I look through and narrow it down and let you vote on which one I should make! Then you can keep me accountable to make these before it's cold out LOL! So leave me some links here on the blog or on my Facebook page. 

I'm off to design something new in the meantime! Got to get back to designing!

Oh and PS. The Gourmet Yarn Company is celebrating a 10 years this coming Saturday. If your Local to OKC it would be a great time to stop in and check it out!! Just visit their page for details on the celebrations! I might have to go shopping :) 


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