Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday Yarn Shopping

I usually go yarn shopping every Thursday! My mother in law watches the kids and I can shop in peace. Some days I just feel the yarn and squeeze it hope that a project jumps out at me. I haven't done that in a while but it did today! So I thought I'd share what I got to day!

I love Vanna's Choice yarns and how they all work together no matter the color combos but unfortunately Hobby Lobby is weeding out most of it's non Hobby Lobby brand yarns. The selection is small but they were clearancing a bunch out so I grabbed a few skeins of the colors I know I'll need eventually.

I  picked up some Grey worsted in two colors since I used a bunch up in my new shark design.

The fun furs and cream color is for a fun custom order I'm going to work up tomorrow! I can't wait to share it with you!

I was excited to see Hobby Lobby added Vanna's Choice Twists. I fell in love with them when they first released but that was while visiting my mom in Colorado and my stores weren't stocking it. 
I loooove the purple with blue/green twists. They are now carrying about 4-5 colorways of it. 
I use it to make my favorite slouchy hat (free pattern) 

Then on a whim I picked up the bon bons. I laughed when I 1st saw these a while ago. Why would you buy this? I have tons of scraps I thought of an idea for them and I'm hoping to get to work on the pattern very soon! I love the bright colors in this set. I've been obsessed with Jade lately and I tend to lean towards jewel tones. You'll just have to wait and see! 

On another note! I've been wanting to share my desk in my crafty loft space. We've had it a while but finally got it upstairs. It was a little heave so my hubby got some help since I'm a weakling!

We purchase this from a friend of my hubby's that was moving. She had hand painted the entire thing. 
Isn't the top pretty! I said to my hubby "that reminds me of ikea" and he said that was her inspiration! 
Funny because most my yarn storage is Ikea and so is the rug and lamp in my picture!

Any hoo! That is my Thursday fun! I hope to share more in the coming Thursdays! 


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